Mediterranean Bath Salts

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Cleanse and purify skin with mineral rich sea salt, improving skins radiance, tone and texture

Detoxify your skin by drawing out impurities from pollution, oil and dirt

Reduce tension and ease stiff, sore muscles

Exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and supple

Help alleviate common skin irritations and skin conditions
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We are a small family business and view our customers as an extension of our own families. We proudly make products that we use in our own homes, on our delicate babies’ bottoms, our tricky teens’ skin, our stressed mature skin, and everything in between. We understand the individuality of every skin type and try to ensure we have a variety of quality, natural products for each of them. We believe everyone, inside our homes and yours, deserves a skin that’s not just soft and radiant on the outside but healthy from within. Skin care is a whole new world in itself where honest ingredients make a difference.

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